Never ending tale of the money laundering aids

Trident Trust and Werner Capital see their names highlighted in the Jahangir scandal as they facilitated the use of tens of millions for Mr. Jahangir Hajiyev and his wise regardless that the evidence of I come was below 100 K per year.

Despite the evidence of income, the couple bought a house for £11 million, spend £ 10.5 million on a golf course and both a jet.

This letting aside the mane known expenses including 1 million a year on a luxurious shop in England.

The key note: formal compliance defined reality.

The entities named helped to build a network of offshore companies to ease the use of the inexplicable wealth, despite all reg flags.

The case started upon the discovery of the expending trail of Mrs. Zamora Hajiyeva (with no significant income apart from her husband £70K year).

Now it is known that her husband (jailed for 15 years) obtained the funds from corruption  and utilised then with the help of accounting firms, lawyers and other professionals.



Jaime Prieto

Mr. Jaime Prieto is a lawyer experienced in Financial Crime, Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing having extensive professional experience in both public and private sectors. Mr. Prieto has been a Head of Compliance in the European Union, the Americas and the Caribbean for banks, trust companies, asset managers, Big Four audit and advisory firms, RegTechs, government agencies and other types of financial professionals. In addition to his experience, he has been legal and educational chair in several compliance and sectorial organisations and performed as a teacher and speaker for a number of organisations and in several local and international forums. Furthermore, Mr. Prieto is an experienced Money Laundering Reporting Officer anda Data Protection officer with additional experience in risk management.
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