Prosecutors request jail time following the Monte dei Paschi di Siena scandal

Prosecutors requested jail time for former Deutsche Bank and Nomura senior officer and members of management of Monte Dei Paschi si Siena as part of the investigation linked to the creation of fraudulent accounts to dissimulate the issues that Dei Paschi was suffering.

The prosecution requested a total of $1 Billion in assets to be seized plus incarceration for officials of Nomura 6 years of jail time, Deutsch for a term of 5 years, while Dei Paschi management was set for 8 years of prison time.

Former Deutsche bank Management officials include Michele Faissola, former head of global rates, for Michele Foresti, former head of structured trading, and Dario Schiraldi, former head of European sales.

Nomura’s former CEO Sadeq Sayeed, is being prosecuted with a requested prison term of 6 years.

Dei Pasch officials include Chairman Giuseppe Mussari, former chairman and the ex-General Manager Antonio Vigni.

Those individuals are accused of having abused their position to facilitated trades, created fraudulent accounts and dissimulate losses.



Jaime Prieto

Mr. Jaime Prieto is a lawyer experienced in Financial Crime, Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing having extensive professional experience in both public and private sectors. Mr. Prieto has been a Head of Compliance in the European Union, the Americas and the Caribbean for banks, trust companies, asset managers, Big Four audit and advisory firms, RegTechs, government agencies and other types of financial professionals. In addition to his experience, he has been legal and educational chair in several compliance and sectorial organisations and performed as a teacher and speaker for a number of organisations and in several local and international forums. Furthermore, Mr. Prieto is an experienced Money Laundering Reporting Officer anda Data Protection officer with additional experience in risk management.
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